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For about 31 years we have been following the passion of creating great ideas and projects by striking the standard in everything we do. “Edil Al” Company is committed to building quality projects while sustaining lifelong partnerships.

Today we are not just builders, we think of every aspect of your project and this is achieved by managing all the processes of our construction lives, the urban spaces and building it up to the quality of your life.

The Company “Edil Al” builds and has built residences, tourist complexes, schools, roads and commercial complexes. Our satisfactory construction results from experiences trained and credentialed practitioners and experts in many career fields, trades, and communities of practice.

Edil Al’s Code of Ethics governs our own business activities and allows us to continually exceed expectations. Our Code includes obeying the law, safety throughout, demonstrating great integrity, avoiding conflicts of interests, business partner confidentiality, meeting or exceeding technical code standards, simultaneously upholding various career fields, technical competence standards and security.