Tirana Industrial Park

Tirana INDUSTRIAL PARK is an ambitious project, the first of its kind in Albania, which combines the logistic park concept with business administration forming an “Industrial Park”. This project brings an innovation and a new concept in the way of doing “business” giving priority to direct management of trading activity, thereby reducing the cost and administrative procedures of any type of activity as well as the merger of wholesale and retail sales.
The area has a total construction surface of 75.000 m². From which 20.000 m² is the showroom surface and 55.000 m² the Warehouse surface.
The Industrial Park is the first project in Albania that offers not only industrial and high-quality storage facilities, but also a full range of logistic services, including other services for different business profiles. The connection to the main axes of national and international transport is intended to serve better to
the businesses. Part of the complex is also a central building where basic services, offices
for administrators, restaurant, bar for employees and visitors are set. This building is in the northern part of the area, near the parking area and at the end of the central road.


“Concord Investment” sh. p. k


75 000 m²