San Pietro Resort & Residencies Durrës

Designed to be luxurious and unique, the resort will have 140,000m² divided into 4 dif ferent types of villas, 4 dif ferent types small apartment blocks and a 5-star Hotel, no more than 3 storey high. The buildings footprint is no more than 51.500 m² stretching on a beautiful area of 350.000m², thus maintaining a low construction ratio, less than 15%. Such a careful planning preserves the current greenery and seamlessly fuses the construction with nature by making it part of it.
The entire complex is surrounded and controlled by security cameras and guards. The complex has 3 main controlled entrances, one for the hotel and the 2 others for the r esidential area.
The Tourist Village has direct access to the beach, 1500m of exclusive coastline 190 m wide. Then the construction area begins within the pine trees and existing greenery.
An important part of the design is also the abundant road network as well as the bicycle and pedestrian alleys, giving the latter the advantage. This network is designed in order that each villa or apartment is accessible by car and has enough parking for everyone as well as for guests.


150 000 m²


"Concord Investment" sh. p. k