“Alba” Residence

The residence is conceived in 2 towers in L-shaped raised to 9 residential floors with a total construction area of 35,000 m², where perfectly the last floor is designed in the form of a Penthouse – Duplex with modern lines, with a practical plan and functional interior. Apartment’s convenient functionality and high ceilings create a unique space for the rooms from practical minimum shapes to those magnificent and spacious. With around 200 apartments, it has a variety of choices in the area as well as in the conception. 1 + 1 apartments ranging from 60-80 m², which are beautifully, composed all day and night environments. Apartments 2 + 1, economical which are adapted from 85-90 m² and 2 + 1 apartments with spacious up to 130 m². Duplex are innovation of this residence. Designed to 200 280 m² also give the opportunity of a special life experience that goes beyond the four walls of an apartment. The ground floor of the buildings will be used for the development of trading activities. Having multiannual experience in the design and management of shopping centers, special attention in mansion will be given to service facilities, making them suitable for any kind of business.


20 200 m²


“Concord Investment” sh. p. k