Employment Opportunity | Prevention and Cost Engineer

The company “Edil Al-It” shpk seeks to hire:

Prevention and Cost Engineer, to meet the following criteria:

Education: Civil Engineer

Experience: To have over 10 years of work experience in this position in a construction company

Computer skills: Autocad, Microsoft Office

Foreign Languages: English and any other EU language

Have very good teamwork skills

Have very good planning and organizing skills

Duties and responsibilities:

Performs technical, organizational and supervisory role for construction projects;

Drafts estimates of facilities planned to be built by the company;

Re-evaluates the estimates with public funds or other estimates for projects commissioned by the Company, after the review of the project and applies the unit prices according to the technical analysis of the Company;

Analyzes the estimates of the facilities and issues the needs for materials and submits them to the Director of the Technical Branch;

Compiles technical analysis of new working items;

Makes generalizations and issues technical-economic coefficients, which serve for fund planning according to the type of construction;

Drafting price analysis and maintaining coherent prices;

Completion of site documents and site inspections;

Closing the documentation of the facility;

Making the table of approved prices of payments of subcontractors and the workshop for the works of the employees of the firm

Please send your application (CV) to info@edilal.com no later than 30.11.2021.